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高爾夫是一個難關重重,卻要關關過的個人運動/Finding your own golf way is the key!~下集

高爾夫是一個難關重重,卻要關關過的個人運動/Finding your own golf way is the key!

高爾夫是一個難關重重,卻要關關過的個人運動/Finding your own golf way is the key!~上集







當你越清楚你的需求時,不會走me 2的風格時,你就可以主宰你的高爾夫了。因為你不怕失敗或錯誤,而有這些加味料後,會推進你成長和追求讓自己更好的高爾夫。

So what's my next challenge? I would like to bring my idea and experience to various golfers to try out and proof. Proofing the approaches are workable for some golfers and different golfers have the right way to work on the golf swing and golf clubs. That's why I like to work as the clubfitter since it is the best way to communicate with all kinds of golfers and know their problems then to provide the suggestions.

Since last year, I am training my son who is 14 years old for golf. He is good on basketball and soccer but he said golf is the toughest one he has ever played so far. Since controlling the balls for soccer and basketball is not hard for him but there is the golf clubs between the ball and human that makes the whole thing completely different and difficult.

Sometimes you can play well with your swing but other time, you have difficulty to control your body and manage your golf clubs. Each time you have different situation to overcome and work out the problems. However, I realize that your body is not built and trained well then your swing can not work smoothly every time with my experience.

For instance, recently I feel my golf clubs such as drivers, woods and irons are not working consistently. Thus I fine tune the swing weight of the golf clubs and changes the grips with right setup. Then my performance and results are under my control. Why? I have been doing body work out and stretch for over 7 years, my power is upgraded to the next level and my clubs need to adjust as well to fit my current body swing.

Human is always controlling the differentiations and you know yourself well. All the results are connecting to your body and golf clubs. To make a good shot is not easy but to execute your idea and solutions is very important to gain the fun and build your domain knowledge. To talk with various golfers will help you know something you don't know then you can try it out to see how it goes.

When your experiences are building to certain level, you become more mature with your own way. Since you know what's fit you and you are not afraid of the mistake and failures for golf. It's your own golf!