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疫情中你買了多少東西了/How much have you purchased during the pandemic?~下集

疫情中你買了多少東西了/How much have you purchased during the pandemic?

疫情中你買了多少東西了/How much have you purchased during the pandemic?~上集


因為台灣大多是中小企業,小商家和小吃店。多半沒有網路訂購的服務。但這次的疫情也讓這些小商家也建構起網路收單。至少像Uber eat這類的送餐服務就會幫小店家建立線上訂購服務。你要吃小吃或便當,一樣彈指就可以解決。而你根本就不需要花到現金。




等疫情結束後,你的武器更新好,完全進入備戰狀態。全新裝備投入球季裡。不要等到疫情結束後,才要添購新球桿或改裝零組件。因為工坊和技師都會很忙,因為疫情生意少,一旦開放後,生意一定爆炸。要買或更換就慢慢等吧。而且很多的握把或一些桿身都是要等,缺貨。比如Fujikura Ventus, Golf pride握把等。


Due to the pandemic, many small and mid size stores/companies are building the online sales channel such as through ebay, Amazon or own website for serving the customers. With that, you can get things easily without going to store. However, you will spend the money quick without feeling hard. Once you get the monthly statement from the bank, you know it's over spending.

I suggest golfers to purchase your gears and accessories before you need it. Sometimes, there are the discounts, promotions and good pre-own deals, you can get it before your gears are out of service. Therefore, always preparing things before is the best way to make your golf life smooth. That's what I have been doing for over 15 years and it works perfectly on me.

If you have good relationship with local proshop, you can always know some good deals from the store. Sometimes, you get good golf clubs through trade in or discount for the demo clubs, these are good condition with deep discount. Since it goes fast if you do not decide to get it right away. I have seen some golfers like the particular golf clubs or gears but hesitate to make his mind. once he is ready to buy it but the golf clubs already sold out.

Now the life is almost back to normal and if you need to update your golf gears or do some customizations such as regrip, adjustment the clubs' weight, length and flex, you need to wait as some shaft such as Fujikura ventus and golf pride grips are in back order. It takes weeks to get it before the installation. That's why you need to prepare or get things before your gears are unable to serve you.

Golf is like your life and career, you need to prepare things before it's happened. When you see the good deals, do not hesitate to purchase it. You know you need it in the future and the deal is not going to stay until you need it. Online shopping is the trend and part of our life, it's easy to over spend online. Planning things first then you can avoid financial crisis!