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化繁為簡才是你要做的事/Simplification for your golf clubs!~上集

化繁為簡才是你要做的事/Simplification for your golf clubs!



1. 容錯能力 - 球具廠商把球具的容錯提高。讓人打起來可以允許更多的錯誤。桿頭尺寸大到極限,非甜蜜點的擊球也不會差、球具變的越來越輕等。這些都是廠商讓你不斷掏錢去買桿的動機和原因。買桿的關鍵在於;適合你自己的打法和身體去控制球桿。不在於什麼先進技術和航太材料。

2. 功能越來越多 - 想想20、30年前的桿頭,哪有現在這麼的花俏和多功能。可以換配重螺絲,還可以調角度、更可以快速換桿身。瞬間檔次和好康升級,但這都是包裹著糖衣的毒藥。因為你真的懂如何利用這些功能和技術嗎?真的如同廠商說的那樣嗎?



化繁為簡才是你要做的事/Simplification for your golf clubs!~下集

There is no ending challenge sport, golf! It's your personal challenge that you need to always look at yourself and improve your abilities and mental for playing better and relax. What's the ending mark for you? I think everyone has different answer and that's the best part for golf. Why do I need to play the lowest score? I am not going to be professional golfer. Making friends and enjoying golf are my goal for golf.

First of all, the golf equipment makers are making the golf clubs more complicated instead of simplification. If you would like to play better and easier, simplification is the only solution you need to get. If you follow product makers' scenario, you are unable to build your own way for golf.

Forgiving - equipment makers are making the golf club more forgiving than ever that allows golfers to make mistakes. The driver head is maximum size, off sweet spot performs better and light weight becomes the trend of the golf clubs. These are the keys to drive you make the purchase for the golf clubs but it's that really helpful for your game?

The right specification, and setup are the importance for you to build your own golf club instead of cutting edge technology and materials. Allowing your body to manage the golf clubs is the whole thing you need to care about. More new features and technology won't help your play at all. You are the core for the golf!

More features - If you check the golf clubs of 20 or 30 years ago, there is no such features compared current golf clubs. Now we are able to change the weight screws from the head, adjust the lie or face angles of the golf club, easier to change the golf shaft. Do you really need these features to play better? Or do you have the ability to figure what setup is the best for your play?

I have tried a number of combinations for drivers, woods and irons, I am barely to perform the ways from equipment makers' solutions. We are not pros or robot arms to play consistently for each shot. That's why I lock up all the interchangeable features without changing for simplification. The only thing I am aware that the more features on the golf club head, the less energy transformation!

Simplification for your golf clubs!~ Part II