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Adidas Codechaos 21 Golf Shoes/使用心得分享!~下集

Adidas Codechaos 21 Golf Shoes/使用心得分享!

Adidas Codechaos 21 Golf Shoes/使用心得分享!~上集







Practically it's very smooth for whole 18 holes, you don't feel uncomfortable and the feet works fine for long walking. During the golf swing, there is no problem on the cushion and traction on the outsole. There is one time my right foot got slip on downswing. That's my body weight shift did not move correctly, it's not the problem for the shoes.

the first round I wore after 18 holes, my heel got hurt. I think it's the new shoes issue, from second time, there is no such issue. Honestly this shoes need to spend time to work and fit your style. It's not like my other Adidas shoes for easy to use and no need to fit into the shoes. On the other hand, it needs to spend time to know how to work with the shoes. You can benefit from it.

The sole of the shoes are not soft compared with S2G, it's harder when it's walking on the fairway and green. But the walking efficiency and productivity is better than S2G. Since this Codechaos is like sport shoes with solid holding and easy to move. Although there is a price difference between CodeChaos and S2G, I personally prefer S2G better than Codechaos.

Why? With comfortable ability, S2G is better, also the knit and synthetic upper that would keep your feet dry. The only thing difference is the appearance and colorful on Codechaos. For me I am very casual person who like to wear shoes for both work and golf. Codechaos can't use on the work with limited usage for my life.

In terms of pricing, there is about $30~$50 for the price gap between S2G and Codechaos. Of course, if you purchase during the offseason or big holidays, you can get at least 30 to 50% off. Since golf shoes become very personal style and you can always have 2 or 3 pairs of shoes to use. It's the way of your personal golf image.