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大號的腳架袋在比賽裡逐漸出頭了/Big tour stand bag is getting hot!

大號的腳架袋在比賽裡逐漸出頭了/Big tour stand bag is getting hot!

腳架袋是我的最愛,我也是擁護者!而現在在美巡賽裡也越來越多的選手會用這類腳架袋,但他們用的腳架袋的尺寸會比一般的腳架袋要大上一號。會稍微比staff bag/選手袋要小一點,也沒有那麼高,但加上腳架的功能。

為什麼這類選手型腳架袋,會開始在美巡賽裡逐漸引起風潮?應該說大家對傳統的staff bag覺得無聊和缺乏亮點。而現在球具商也推出這類大型腳架袋來讓旗下的選手使用。就算沒有被球具商簽約的選手們,也開始用這類腳架袋,只是腳架袋上沒有任何的logo,只有自己的名字而已。

現在主要幾個球具商也都順勢賣起這類的選手型腳架袋。而最近Ping就推出一款Tour Stand bag,很快就被球友們一掃而空。這在球袋市場上是極為少見。因為數量有限,買到的人再拿去其他的網路銷售平台上轉賣。轉賣的價格都遠遠高於這款球袋的定價!可見這類球袋的火熱情況。



Stand bag is my best low and I am crazy about it. Now there is tour stand bag on PGA tournament and there are more tour pros using it. What's the different between tour stand bag and regular stand bag? The size is bigger and weight is heavier. It's between the tour bag and stand bag in size and weight.

Why does it get popular in tournament? I think it's another way to present the new golf bag to public and more golf equipment makers are providing such tour stand bag for their contract pros to use. Even though no contracted tour pros are using such tour stand bag without the logos. It becomes the trend for golf bag in next generation.

Recently Ping sold out the new tour stand bag quickly and the golfers put the bag to other online market places to resell with double of the price. It's all sold out! You can understand the golfers are also crazy about such golf ball. That's why I say it's the trend for the golf ball!

I personally do not like such tour stand bag as it's bigger and heavier. I do not carry 14 golf clubs to play so I use half of the golf clubs and the golf bag needs to be light weight and small for my usage. I do not like to carry the bag with over 20lb. That's just making me stupid. If you carry your bag to play 18 holes, I do not think such bag is the solution.

If you rent golf cart to play, it should be no problem for such golf stand bag. Otherwise, such tour stand bag is not really practical to use. With the price, it's between the staff bag and regular stand bag. There are Titliest, Srixon and Wilson selling such tour stand bag to market. I expect there are more brands and models you can see in 2021.