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Apple Watch的真正用意/Apple Watch's intention!~上集

Apple Watch的真正用意/Apple Watch's intention!

2017年我買Apple Watch 3, 已經用了3年,今年更換Apple Watch SE的Nike版本。螢幕尺寸變大了,但逐步感覺到Apple Watch真正給用戶的不是一個科技產品或科技工具,而是一個身體健康的檢測器。當然對多數人來說這是科技潮流的一部分。所以是科技產品,還是身體健康相關產品?就看你如何用?

我必須說,Apple Watch用了3年多,我固定跑步,拉筋、和高爾夫都在Apple Watch裡有紀錄。也不是什麼大不了。但它會讓我知道我做這些運動對身體的重要性!以前用不覺得這有什麼,而對於一直運動的我來說,現在會想知道就算是站著、走著這類不起眼的活動,也會紀錄在Apple watch裡。

其實我對Apple Watch的需求不大,最多是計時和倒數時間。有時工作需要去計時和倒數時間。還有拉筋、健身都需要用到。再來就是天氣狀況和時間。其他的功能說實在,用到機會少到可憐。所以為什麼會再買SE也是想大一點的,看內容會比較容易和輕鬆。




Apple Watch的真正用意/Apple Watch's intention!~下集

I have been using Apple watch for over 3 years since 2017. Recently I buy the new Nike version's Apple Watch SE and really understand it's your personal health tool instead of high tech product. To most of people who believes Apple watch is the high tech product since it has many apps and tools related with your phone but The truth of the Apple watch is your personal health measurement.

I have been jogging for 15 years and also golfing, stretch, and other excises regularly. It's all recorded by Apple watch. I did not think it's important to record or demonstrate me how many calorie you have been buring and your excise details and time. The personal wearing technology tools are not really related with the information but it's measuring and recording the activities and body condition for us.

I use timer and counting on Apple watch frequently. Of course the excise recording is another important app, other than these, I do not use through apple watch. If I need the information, I jump to the iphone. After using one month of Apple Watch SE, I feel it's more personal and sensitive to record your activity and movement.

My SE is 44mm size with bigger viewable screen and it's easier for me to view the information. The good thing is when I move or stand, the SE is automatically counting your work and excise. If you sit for a while, SE will remind you to stand and walk a little bit. That's important for your personal healthy to keep up excise.

If your age is over 45, I think it's important to keep pushing you excise and maintain a good body shape. A good body condition is built through continued excising. Of course, the SE is able to check your heart vibration. I do think Apple Watch will become your personal health manager, in the future, it is able to link up your doctor's data profile in order to know what you have done?

Apple Watch's intention!~Part II