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Apple Watch的真正用意/Apple Watch's intention!~下集

Apple Watch的真正用意/Apple Watch's intention!

Apple Watch的真正用意/Apple Watch's intention!~上集


現代人坐的多,運動的少,所以對於運動其實是身體健康很重要的一環。而有時候你運動是不知不覺。比如走路、站著做事等,都是讓你身體健康的方法。而Apple Watch就會去幫你紀錄和計算你的熱量消耗。以穿戴裝置裝置來說,追蹤你的身體狀況其實才是王道。因為它是穿戴在你的身體上,所以隨時都知道你身體做什麼事和紀錄。


身體健康和你有沒有固定運動或動作有直接關係。越是不動,身體越會產生問題。肌肉也會萎縮和不健康。所以Apple Watch的出發點,就是去紀錄和讓你當做個人身體健康和運動的檢測器。有時候你並不知道你就算站著也是一個運動,站也不可能都固定不動,會走動,會變化,就是它去紀錄和瞭解你身體做什麼事的重要基礎。

而數據分析的基礎就在於數據的取得。紀錄你的身體狀態和做什麼是就是取得數據。所以如果你以Apple Watch怎麼沒有像iphone或ipad那樣的好用和功能強大,那你就錯了!因為Apple Watch不是以取得外部資訊,然後提供給你的工具,它是要取得你身體本身的資訊為止的裝置。

有Apple Watch後我更容易知道我做什麼事和需要做什麼?當然它本身和電話連結,會有訊息提醒和通知就不說。但我認為它就是一款個人身體的紀錄裝置。它以後會更多功能去瞭解和紀錄你身體的狀況,才能防範未然,減低慢性疾病發生的機會。所以當你的年紀也增長,這是不得不重視。

這不是業配!只是個人的使用心得分享。終於找到一個理由給Apple Watch。為了自己健康就會持續戴著!

Modern people are less excise and less physical works. It's no good for your body as we need to keep moving and excising in order to allow body to do the self adjustment. Our body is smart and can work out problems by itself. With Apple watch, we are able to know what body condition the body is on? That's the goal for the wearable devices.

Once your body has been using over 40 years, the condition will not be 100% good as before, therefore, to have a device to monitor what you have been doing and sometimes remind you to do the excise. That's important for nowadays life. That's why you can use the technology's stand point to evaluate Apple watch.

To analyze the data then come out the right suggestions and inputs, that's the artificial intelligent's purpose and Apple watch is now to collect your body condition data as the first step then later on there are more applications to link up the personal doctor 's database for analyzing the body condition. That's Apple's intention for wearable devices.

Iphone, ipad and other computers are all collecting the data from outside and web. The Apple watch is different. It is focusing on the personal data and condition, of course, the outside information can be linkup with certain applications but it's not as convenience as iphone or iphone.

Again, when your age is getting older, you need to watch out your body condition in order to avoid some potential pains or diseases. There are more to come for personal and body healthy devices for human being. It will change the way we watch the doctor and cure the cold, the technology will act first to stop the cold or other diseases. That's the future we are heading to!