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桿身口徑前端的問題/Shaft tip size tips!

桿身口徑前端的問題/Shaft tip size tips!


桿身口徑對於技師來說是很重要,因為這塊對於手感來說會有影響。口徑越粗,打起來會比較硬。所以我們看aftermarket的桿身多數的桿身前端口徑是小的0.335”(木桿),和0.355“ (鐵桿)。這樣的設計可以提升桿身的彈力。而很多搭配原廠OEM的桿身口徑就會是0.350“(木桿)和0.370”(鐵桿)。




When you purchase the shafts no matter it's woods or irons, you would check the shaft weights, flexes and models. However, few of them are barely looking the tip size of the shaft. Is it really matter for the shaft when you consider to purchase the shafts with brand new or used? Well, it's very technical selection, but you need to be careful for the tip section without making the mistake.

The tip size is important for shaft feedback. Generally the aftermarket shafts for woods are 0.335" size and irons are 0.355". The OEM shaft is sometimes 0.350" for woods and 0.370" for irons. The reason why the smaller tip size for aftermarket shaft is with good shaft loading and unloading feedback.

The more important key is the aftermarket shaft used stronger materials to generate less spin rates on both back spins and side spins. The OEM shafts are cheap due to the high volume of the quantities and materials are not as good as aftermarket for individual golfers to select. You can evaluate an aftermarket shaft can simply cost you USD300 per wood shaft and USD60 per iron shaft.

Therefore, you need to look at the tip size in order to know what kinds of the shafts you are purchasing? To avoid to get the OEM shaft with aftermarket prices is critical without being fooled around from online shops or forums sales.

Most of OEM shafts are from China as there are many fake shafts or counterfeits from local factories. You are unable to identify from shaft's appearance unless you measure the actual shaft. As a result, trying to find the reliable sources with good reputation and credibility is the key to get the right shafts without paying premium.