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最近訂PXG的桿子要小心,質量可能有點掉漆/PXG product quality issue!~上集

最近訂PXG的桿子要小心,質量可能有點掉漆/PXG product quality issue!








We would be able to replace the club head for you if you want or you can return for a refund. Please let us know what you would like to do. 


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最近訂PXG的桿子要小心,質量可能有點掉漆/PXG product quality issue!~下集

Last month I ordered two 0811 drivers from PXG, since they have 50% off for old models and my friend wanted to get it then I purchased for him. However, it took about 3 weeks to get it and when the drivers arrived to my friend's hands, he complained.

The drivers' shafts and heads have small scratches and the condition seems not completely brand new with wrapping on the head and shaft. It might be grabbed it from the store demo or display goods to ship for customers. 

Since the discount, it certainly pushes the sales from PXG for high volume of the orders and increases the work loading for staff. It takes longer time to get it and less manpower to work. But the quality of the products are harsh and unacceptable. 

I know in this period things are hard to control but for the PXG brand image is high end and high price for golfers, you can not lower down your quality and image due to the huge discount. It's impossible to comprise! Now I have told my staff in LA to check the upcoming 0811 driver for my another friend who orders in late of April. 

PXG charges shipping fee is higher than other companies, 1 driver costs me 30 bucks and 2 is $60, but it's not well protection for the clubs and not deliver fast as well. It's very PXG style on pricing. That makes me with the experience for negative in overall. 

Of course, I called PXG customer service and also email them the situation, they said they can accept the replacement of the club head or return for a refund. That's the best thing in this purchase from PXG. At least they keep the standard of return and refund for all customers. Here is what they replied to me on email.


We would be able to replace the club head for you if you want or you can return for a refund. Please let us know what you would like to do. 


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PXG product quality issue!~Part II