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核心肌群建立才是長治久安之道/Building your core body is key!~上集

核心肌群建立才是長治久安之道/Building your core body is key!







核心肌群建立才是長治久安之道/Building your core body is key!~下集

I have been doing workout and stretch for over 6 years. Why? My friend suggested me to improve my swing consistency and accuracy, it's important assignment to keep up a good body condition in order to get the best performance and result. Since 2017, I have been doing work out and body stretch/yoga 3 times per week and each time is about 30 minutes.

It's all about the quality of your work out. You do not need to spend tones of time to build your body strength and core muscles, but you need to be consistent and keep going for rest of your life. It's not only improving your body condition but also make your body stronger without painful after golfing.

You may be curious about the body workout and stretch details, I would suggest you can go to Youbute to search, you can find lots of videos to help you learn. But I would suggest to start the easy ways and every round play 10 to 15 minutes. When your body is comfortable and confident, you can make the time longer and add more into your plan.

It's really helpful and work out my golf swing issues, of course with good body, you can do better on your daily life for all the things. The good thing is your body is stronger and not easy to get hurt! That's why I keep doing it and you will feel the difference once you have done couple months.

The tough thing of work out and stretch is consistency. Since most people are working and sometimes you have to travel for business trip, you may not be able to keep up all the workout with your schedule but try to pick up when you are free. That's important if you do not do it regularly, your body will become lazy and stiff!

Building your core body is key!~Part II