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你在球場都會買什麼東西/what do you buy in golf course?上集

你在球場都會買什麼東西/what do you buy in golf course?







你在球場都會買什麼東西/what do you buy in golf course?下集

Do you buy anything during golfing? In golf course, it's not only playing golf, there are other things and products we can buy. In the pro shop or restaurant of the golf course, you can find almost thing you like such as clubs, accessories, golf balls, snacks and drinks. Something you and your friends play like having party in golf course. That's the fun thing you can have.

With my experience, most golfers buy water in golf course as the number one favorite item. Since golf is the excise that needs to drink through 18 holes particularly in summer time with hot temperature. Even though you bring your own water but sometimes, it's just not enough for you to get through the entire game.

In Taiwan, some of golf courses they offer free teas for golfers to drink and refill the water. That's very warm service in golfing. In different season, the staff provide various hot or cold teas for customers to drink without charges. That is the best service in golfing.

Of course, there are some snacks such as Bao-zi, noodles and chips you can buy in the small shop in specific holes. In the hot weather, it's the best to take a break for cool down the body. Sometimes, I would have lunch after 18 holes with friends in the restaurant to chat about golf and golf clubs. It's convenient to have meal or drinks in golf course' s restaurant to chat with good buddies. That's my favorite part of golfing ending.

I think golfing is the slow tempo execise, we need to enjoy the whole game without rushing up the playing speed and sometimes, we can relax to take a break to enjoy the drinks and snacks with friends. Some golfers like to drink beers but it's better to play with your good buddy who does not mind about it. Then sharing the whole crap. That's my golf!

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