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Adidas Adipower 4 orged Spikeless 高爾夫球鞋 review!~中集

Adidas Adipower 4 orged Spikeless 高爾夫球鞋 review!

Adidas Adipower 4 orged Spikeless 高爾夫球鞋 review!~上集








Adidas Adipower 4 orged Spikeless 高爾夫球鞋 review!~下集

I have been wearing the shoes for over 3 months long, mainly using on driving range and golf courses. I do not wear it on daily life. I like to see how the shoes are performing in various places and how it responds on the usages? It's important on product reviews to know the whole product performance and feedbacks.

When I walk on the street or road, even though it's hard from the ground, the shoes can eat out the harsh feedback and respond the soft feel to me. I am very impressive for this soft and comfortable feedback. I believe it's the soft mid layer of sole like urethane to eat the vibration from the ground then deliver the soft response to your foot.

It's like car's cushion design that eats out the bad and harsh feels from the ground. I like it very much as it's the best feel I have even got so far. I have been wearing over 10 golf shoes models from various brands, Adipower is the softest I have got. After playing 18 holes, I feel good with my feet. It truly designs for golf with great feel.

The gripping with the turf and grass, it feels even better as it's like walking on the carpet with softness. That's why I can walk over 4 hours without feeling bad. I make the swing, the shoes are gripped it solidly and I can fully deliver my power from the ground to my hands easily. The shoe can hold my power without problem.

So far the most impressions are the feedback and gripping abilities. I have been using Adicross for long time but this time Adipower is better than Adicross for sure. I am sure it's good on golfing and you really get what you rely on. The shoes are also waterproof as I wear couple times with small raining condition, and it holds well without letting my feet wet.

Adidas Adipower 4 orged Spikeless golf shoes review!~下集