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Costco Kirkland 4層球出糗了!剖析&觀點/Costco issues refund for Kirkland 4pc ball!~中集

Costco Kirkland 4層球出糗了!剖析&觀點/Costco issues refund for Kirkland 4pc ball!

Costco Kirkland 4層球出糗了!剖析&觀點/Costco issues refund for Kirkland 4pc ball !~上集








Costco Kirkland 4層球出糗了!剖析&觀點/Costco issues refund for Kirkland 4pc ball!~下集

Costco issues refund for Kirkland 4pc ball!Part II

Cover cracked is the same as ball broken that is unacceptable in golf ball manufacture. It's serious issue in golf ball manufacturing that tells you the manufacturing technology, quality control, recipe and so on with problems. I think it's due to over capacity demand from Costco and it really over loads the production quality control. Of course, the urethane cover has the difficulty to deal with big quantity loading.

Through this issue that I can know the level of Kirkland ball manufacturing skills and capability, the crosslinking between the cover and mid layer has the issue in production. The urethane cover recipe needs to adjust to make the cover more durable and stronger. Actually, these problems are also happened in Taiwanese golf ball makers in urethane cover. Since most of Asian golf ball makers are barely to produce over 10 millions of urethane balls per year and it's hard to know the issues of over loading and crosslinking damages.

Most of Asian manufacturers know to take the orders like Costco and big chain stores is very risky and low profits. Since they will calculate the cost and profits very details and make the serious manufacturing agreement with makers in Asia, the factories need to build and reinvest the capacity to produce mass productions for the demands. If the customer cancels the order, these investment is gone without compensation. No mention on the later high risky on manufacturing with the mistakes or problems that will be responsible by the makers.

My friend was one of the suppliers for Costco and if your products sell well, Costco will increase the quantity and try to decrease the prices. Couple times later, my friend rejects the order from Costco since there is no profit to make and lots of responsibility to carry. It's not good deal to take. That's similar with my strategy that is avoided to take OEM big orders. If you screw up one case, it will eat out all your profits for previous cases.

Last year I heard peers in golf ball industry that Costco was looking for the golf ball makers to work with urethane golf ball cases. As a result, no one would like to take it since most of the factories were unable to meet the capacity of the demand and the investment of new productions is high without good profits for return on investment.

Costco issues refund for Kirkland 4pc ball!~Part III