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動作和球桿的關系-案例分析/Clubfitting case study junior golfer!~上集

動作和球桿的關系-案例分析/Clubfitting case study junior golfer!


而在這3週時間裡,我一位在波士頓的好友Jennifer Guard,是健身教練,同時是Titleist Performance Institute 高爾夫instructor,也幫我指導、傳授孩子,如何做一些個人健身的方法,提升身體的韌性和強度。雖然孩子有打籃球,固定做身體鍛鍊。但一些揮桿動作需要特別去練習。而這塊Jennifer提供一些方法和工具在家可以鍛鍊。推薦給大家和她學習!



練習場: 深度270碼, 2層練習球



動作和球桿的關系-案例分析/Clubfitting case study junior golfer!~中集

動作和球桿的關系-案例分析/Clubfitting case study junior golfer!~下集

I am a golf clubfitter/clubmaker who needs to analyze golfer's swing and golf clubs then come out the solutions and recommendations. This time I would like to share the case with my fans and you can more about golf issues through it. Maybe there are some clubs and solutions you can consider and use for your daily drills.

This case study has been working on 3 weeks and I have asked my friend Jennifer Guard to help me train my son. She is a a certified Personal Trainer, certified Golf Fitness Instructor through Titleist Performance Institute, Certified Movement and Mobility Coach and certified Yoga Instructor. With her expertise and unique training methods that help my son build the body rotation more solid and smooth. That's certainly the quality solution on the body operation with rotation power. I suggest golfers should check with her for the details.

Here is the profile for my son in this case.
Aga : 13, tall: 5'6, weight: 137lb. Athletic body. Currently is the school basketball team player.
Golfing experience since 5 year old but only the driving range level with golfing on the golf course. Practicing golf swing each 2 or 3 years for about 2~4 times in each round. Last time he played golf was 11 year old during the summer time.

Since he is not really interested in golf and I do not push him to play. He likes more team work sports' like soccer and basketball. The golf is personal challenge and since covid 19, the school runs the online learning, I take him to driving range to play without always sitting on the front of computer.

I custom fit the golf clubs for him on 11 years old and now he is 5'6 tall that can play adult golf clubs. However, I needs to pick the right spec of the golf clubs for him to play. With this case study, I fine tune the golf club each round and find the problems to work out the golf clubs and golf swing.

Driving Range: 270 Yards depth, 2 layer range balls.
Pros : The kid is good on body operation and rotation. The core lower body rotation and shoulder rotation are running very smooth. It's hard to believe he has not play golf for over 2 years. It's this kid's advantage that the body can spontaneously pick up the swing without difficulty.

The mid and short irons and wedges are good without problem to hit it straight but for longer golf clubs such as long irons, fairway, and driver, he can not handle the golf clubs well as the golf head striking is not on the right timing. With his body and swing speed, his 7 iron can deliver 170 yards with up and down 5 yards range.

Clubfitting case study junior golfer!~Part II

Clubfitting case study junior golfer!~Part III

Please refer the swing video and photos from @peargolf facebook page!