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高爾夫裡真的有開外掛的武器,還是動作/Any special technology or swing to gain more distance?~上集

高爾夫裡真的有開外掛的武器,還是動作/Any special technology or swing to gain more distance?







高爾夫裡真的有開外掛的武器,還是動作/Any special technology or swing to gain more distance?~下集

Well, it's been something I am looking for better performance of my distance. Unfortunately, golf is all about yourself and there are so many challenges about improving yourself. If you think your swing is good and take some rest without going to play, next time when you pick up the club to play, you won't swing as good as before. It's the golf!

That's why I have been doing work out, drill and golfing all the time. If you do not invest yourself on building your body and swing, your result won't be good and positive. How about the golf gears? I have been trying to find the ideal golf club to make outstanding performance and distance, but so far I haven't got it yet!

I am different with other golfers since I have been using, testing and buying new golf clubs every month. The differences of my golf gears are it's all custom my personal usage and preference. It's the best way to know the golf gear's true result. I pick up the golf head, shaft and grip based on my swing profile and body condition then custom it with my specification.

Once it's set, I am able to swing nicely, easily and simply to drive the best. Moreover, I have a number of golf clubs as the comparison to see the new gear's technology, and materials. If there is no comparison, you are unable to know the differentiations. Once it's compared, I have seen no big difference with others of my gears.

As a result, I do not trust what golf maker's marketing materials and product descriptions. It's not truly based on golfers' profile and demands for the right golf club. Some golfers might say I really get better performance and longer distance. But your current golf club has been using over 5 years without good condition. Or the golf club sets long lengths and lighter weight for gaining longer distance but you have less than 30% of striking on the sweet spot of the club face.

Any special technology or swing to gain more distance?~Part II