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背球袋下場打球/Carry your own bag to finish 18 holes!~上集

背球袋下場打球/Carry your own bag to finish 18 holes!







背球袋下場打球/Carry your own bag to finish 18 holes!~下集

I think it's good challenge for me to accomplish in my life. I have been playing golf for almost 20 years and carrying my own bag to finish the whole play is the thing I would like to do in this year. Since most of golf courses in Asian particularly in Taiwan and China, they do not allow golfers to play without caddie and golf cart. That's why I would like to do it in the states in this year.

Some of my buddies told me that when you see the golfers carried with his bag to play in the course, they must be good in both skills and physical strength. I believe so since if your swing is not mature and solid, you will always save your balls. It will drive you crazy and hard to finish the whole plays. Of course I have seen golfers carried his own bag and play with excellent performance. That's what I am going to try.

I am not going to use stand bag to carry with my play, I will use lighter golf bag to load 7 golf clubs for saving the weight. I am not going to carry over 10 pieces of golf clubs and your physical body will suffer heavily in the back 9. That's why reducing the bag loading and weights are critical before proceeding it.

Furthermore, it's better to pick the golf course within 5000 yards for my first try out. Of course, I have been doing jogging for past 20 years and it will not be too much problem for my physical body loading, but the worst case scenario, I have to build the experience first then review myself with physical and ability in playing.

The second important thing is to pick the right course, if the course is designed up and down on the fairway, it will drive my body hardly and unable to make the good play. Thus the golf course on the ground is good for me to reduce the difficulty then I am able to maintain my tempo of the play and body stability.

Carry your own bag to finish 18 holes!~Part II