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握把的尺寸決定於你如何握桿的方式/Golf grip importance!~下集

握把的尺寸決定於你如何握桿的方式/Golf grip importance!

握把的尺寸決定於你如何握桿的方式/Golf grip importance!~上集






If your finger's gripping power is not strong, it's hard for you to control the golf club and your body would use palm to grip instead of fingers. There is no right or wrong on gripping, it all depends your body condition and usage. The point is to know how you grip the golf club then you can select the right grip size for gripping better and solid.

The big or jumbo size golf grip allows you to grip better since your whole palm and fingers are able to hold the whole golf grip that means you do not have aggressive gripping. The the current standard size grip is hard for most of golfers to grip with palm and will make your grip aggressively instead of neutral style.

That's why I always suggest big hands and or aggressive gripping golfers to try big size of golf grip. You are able to feel the differentiations between the standard size and oversize/jumbo size. If you are not sure what size or what brand's grips to try, you can go to the pro shops or workshops to check.

You can purchase it online and bring it to local workshop for installations since the local stores may not have the size or the model you would like to buy. They always lead you to the grips they have most stocks and profits. Thus you need to get what you want and build your personal experience on grips, later you will know which grip is your Mr.right!

Trial and error is the important step for you to become the mature golfer. The golf is personal and your personal preference and requirement are extremely important to make this sport have fun. People's recommendation is not going to fit you 100% and it's the work for you to learn and know other products and features to fit your body better. That's part of golf!