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Woodbridge golf course!~下集

Woodbridge golf course!

Woodbridge golf course!~上集



另一個鳥,是一切一推。最近2場球都是有幾次的一切一推的好球出現。感覺短桿穩,就比較敢推,就算沒進,都是滑過洞口邊的狀況。閱讀果嶺和抓線的能力都升級不少。它們的果嶺速度沒有很快,大約只有8,果嶺狀態也不錯,推起來不會跳動,質量上和Watters creek差不多。但一些洞的果嶺真的有點變態,地形起伏的幅度快一個人高,一個短切,剛好在旗桿那個區塊,但彈一下往後拉,就滑下去。


看來打這裡的球友質量不高,不懂球場禮儀。之前有週日和週六打也沒有這麼久過。因為大家都不慢,不會讓後面組等太久。看來Woodbridge正式列入黑名單了!這個經驗太差了。球場的設計來說不是太合理,類似的東西在Watters creek就不會這樣。當然和這兩個會員聊天才知道,這邊會員費比watters creek要便宜一半。因為他有朋友是watters creek會員。一分錢一分貨!

對於我訂的價格,watters creek和woodbridge都差不多。30出頭塊含稅加球車。Watters creek我開車10分到,這裡遠還容易塞場、外加球友質量低到烙賽。兩邊的質量都不錯,果嶺也很舒服,Watters creek的果嶺速度稍微快一點。但我喜歡Watters creek的設計和感覺,打起來很爽。 後面就要回去紐約打球了!就是完全不同風格的球場。大家拭目以待!

The fairway is up and down on the first 9 holes with challenges. If your tee shot is landed on the wrong spot of the fairway, you are unable to make the green on your second shot. The right strategy is critical to make you standard on the green. Of course, I have local members to help me out and share me the right spot of the landing area.

The green is also designed narrow and surrounded by the bunkers and creeks. If you don't have the confidence to make it on the green, it's better to lay up with chipping to the green. My short game is working sharp like pro. Most of the shots can deliver the ball on the right spot of the green then put it to the hole without problem.

Some greens are tough with up and down slope, it's testing your green reading ability with grass pattern and turning point. Since I have been playing regularly in TX, the ability has been upgraded. I have had more confident and aggressive to make the long putt and get the long putt to the hole 3 times today. The green quality is great without doubt but the speed is around 8 which is a little slow than Watter Greek.

The back 9 is super easy with wide fairway but the front group is playing too slow with finding the balls all the time. I do not think they really understand the rule of playing speed. They don't care other golfers and the staff checks with them many times but they still do their own way. I am sure it's my first time and last time to play at woodbridge. The golfer's quality is far behind watter creek.

The prices are similar for both golf courses with similar design but Watter creek is much better on the view, design and quality. More importantly WC is well managed and well organized. I would rather play WC instead of Woodbridge. The local member told me the membership fee is cheaper than WC that may be the part of the reasons why there are some golfers without caring others in this golf course.

This is my last play in Texas and will go up to NYC to play. It will be the different golf course style comparing to Texas. I will keep sharing my golfing story to my audiences. Let's go for 2022!