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鐵桿兩片式結構逐漸變成主流/two piece iron design becomes the trend!~下集

鐵桿兩片式結構逐漸變成主流/two piece iron design becomes the trend!

鐵桿兩片式結構逐漸變成主流/two piece iron design becomes the trend!~上集


兩片式的鐵桿頭在於提供使用者更好的擊球效果。對於喜歡擊球有更多桿面彈性感覺的人,兩片式桿頭會有不同於forged綿密的手感。所以感覺這東西是個人主觀。但性能上會優於鍛造forged桿頭。 尤其打一段時間下來,鍛造的距離會明顯短不少。 同時兩片式桿頭也有不錯的易打優勢。相較於鍛造桿頭,沒有打到甜蜜點,手感就和打鐵塊一樣的不舒服。




However, if you would like to get more distance and ball speed, it's better to fit with graphite shaft for the better performance. Compared with forged iron head, the two pieces iron head design is better on performance, and forgiving. Of course, forged head is good on feel and control, but if you do not have enough power to drive the ball, the distance would not be good in the end. Moreover, the forged iron is not forgiving, if you do not hit on sweet spot, the distance, trajectory and feel are bad.

In terms of clubfitting, we need to find out which product profile and features are good to fit your swing and requirements. That's why I play cavity and two pieces iron head for over 15 years. Forged iron is good as well but it's just not fit with my demand.

I would suggest you can try two piece irons to see how it performs and feels. Without playing it, you have no idea about the technology, and advantages. Building the product experience is important for your knowledge on golf clubs. The more golf clubs you play, the better idea for you to choose the right clubs and evaluate the clubs.

Irons do not need to follow the trend of use the cutting edge stuff, you must know what you need and find something to make up your shortage and disadvantages. To me it's important to use something nice and easy irons instead of sharp and hard to play gears. Since outcome is all I care the most!