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Adidas S2G BOA golf shoes高爾夫鞋心得!~上集

Adidas S2G BOA golf shoes高爾夫鞋心得!

Adidas的高爾夫鞋,一直都是我的口袋名單,近幾年的款式都很亮眼,導致我每年都買。這款鞋子的特性就是外層是編織結構,對於夏天或天熱狀況可以讓腳更為透氣。我去年買Nike Roche,就覺得不錯,但Roche的抓地不行,所以才買這款。愛迪達的高爾夫無釘爪鞋款,我過去使用經驗都不錯,穿起來舒服。我用的Adicorss和Adipower都超愛。






Adidas S2G BOA golf shoes高爾夫鞋心得!~下集

Adidas golf shoes are my favor, particularly recent years, they have been doing good on the shoe design and sales that make me purchase the new shoes every year. The reason why I get this one is its outer layer of textile with breathing design. The summer is hot, with such design, you wouldn't feel wet after the 18 holes on your feet.

Since I have worn Nike Roche for a while, it's really drying during walking on the field. The S2G is similar design with recycle content and waterproof feature. That drives my intension to see how it performs and feels! I like Adidas spikeless traction design on the sole but the S2G is new traction style that applies new CodeChoas shoes. I have got one pair of 2021 Code Choas shoes and another 2022.

The price of S2G with BOA is $100, it's not expensive on golf shoes and comes with good features such as light weight (total weight is 612g), waterproof outer, and recycle content. That's the same as other high end spikeless model CodeChoas. The other interesting feature is BOA miro adjustment that dials up to fit your shoes.

That's super convenient that makes wearing shoes so easy and fast. I like this feature the most. Each shoe is weighted 306g, it's not truly light weight, I have worn many golf shoes with light weight feature, the truly light weight shoes should be weighted under 300g. 306g is good but seriously it's not the light weight to me.

Honestly, this shoes provide lots of practical features, such as dial up fit system, recycle content, light weight and waterproof. The price is very affordable! The design is wide fit which is good for me to wear without stressing. Comparing with Nike Roche, the comfortability is way better! However, the feedback from the sole is a little hard compared with adipower and adicrosss.

Adidas S2G BOA golf shoes!~Part II