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德州打球雜談/Golfing in Texas!~下集

德州打球雜談/Golfing in Texas!

德州打球雜談/Golfing in Texas!~上集







Golfing in Texas is very relax without stress particularly in weekdays. You can find good golfers who are willing to share and chat with you. The golfers in here are pure golfing and there are Chinese golf groups that you can join to play with local golfers. I join one group that has monthly game with over 50 golfers to play. If you like to play people, that's a good solution to meet more golfers.

Regarding the purchasing of golf equipments and accessories, there are many golf related chain stores such as Dicks sporting goods, PGA superstore and golf Galaxy that you can check. The golf clubs are regularly prices, I used to purchase during the holiday seasons for discounts. The good thing is there are tons of equipment and accessory to select.

Comparing to the north east states, the outlets of major sport brands are carrying more golf clothing, shoes and accessories. That's where you can buy with discounts for golf stuff. Of course, there are many driving ranges with pro shops to check. If you do not bring things or gears, you can grab it from pro shops to play.

In short, Texas is a good golf place and the cost of playing golf and living are less than west coast and north east states. That's why a number of American who live in north and west have the houses in Texas and they will stay or have the vacation in south such as Florida, and Texas during the winter.

You can play golf for the whole year long but the summer temperature is high, after September, the weather should be the best for golfing. I like Plano since people are friendly with the quality of living style. The cost is reasonable without high pricing. Once my kids go to the college, i will move down to Plano for my retirement. It's golf paradise!