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話題小子Bryson Dechambeau又給我們什麼衝擊~增重後,再增加距離/2020 Dechambeau再增重、距離up!

話題小子Bryson Dechambeau又給我們什麼衝擊~增重後,再增加距離/2020 Dechambeau再增重、距離up!

這週美國PGA重新開打在RBC Heritage,最火的焦點在Dechambeau大了一號,距離進入PGA前十了!去年他體重比現在少9kg,開球距離比現在少21碼。他現在平均開球距離是323.8碼!這就屌爆,所以這週根本就是他的新聞,全部焦點都在他增重後的距離同時。





PGA tour has reopened in this week at RBC Heritage and the spotlight is on Bryson Dechambeau! This young pro is gained the weight over 20 lbs and distance up over 20 yards in driver. That tells you this guy has been working hard to make his game better on 2020.

He is not just this time to get attention from public, he uses the same iron length in his bag without following current club setting. He is smart player and knows how to improve his game with analyzing all the data and information. Therefore, he has made his game to improve in 2020 with distance gained.

To gain the distance over 20 yards particularly over 300 yards, you gears need to catch up your power and speed during the speed. The LAGP has helped him work out this issue as the new proto wood shaft Tronos performs well on his tee shots. With 200mph head speed for driver, the shaft needs to be strong and solid to handle the power and speed.

Furthermore, the driver head Cobra Speedzone is only 5.5 degree compared with other pros' head with 8 to 10 degree lofts. With over 190mph from Dechambeau power swing, the shaft needs to handle the loading and unloading and the launch angle can not be too much for maintain the trajectory flatting. These are the factors needed to be taken care with the gears.

To gain the distance is not only to get the weight, but to power up your muscle quality. It needs to do a lot of workout, training and stretch in order to increase your swing speed. That means he has been doing hard during the off season and pandemic. With such hard work, I can only say he has seen the results on this week's tournament and there are more and more feedbacks he will have. That's the model we can learn from.