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Nike Roche G golf shoes review/使用心得!~上集

Nike Roche G golf shoes review/使用心得!

夏天熱,打球就盡可能的可以裝備輕量化和透氣通風,不然打完肯定快沒命了。我現在穿Adidas的Adipower 4 Orged款式,但包覆性好的設計。而夏天容易熱加上腳流汗,所以就買一雙外層的設計是編織技術的透氣鞋。今年很多鞋子都有這類設計,看來高溫夏天已經成為常態了,必須為這樣的天氣找一雙更適合夏天穿的鞋子。

Nike Roche這款鞋我也看很久,是Nike golf裡的標準先發產品。它的鞋子就是以編織法設計,可以減輕鞋子重量,同時也兼具散熱快的功用。自然我想買來用的目標。這款是去年的款式,我在去年耶誕節時間買的,但一直穿Adipower很舒服就沒有拿出來用。在德州夏天真的很熱又乾,所以就想到還有這雙可以用。





Nike Roche G golf shoes review/使用心得!~下集

Summer has been so hot in Texas and if you would like to play well, you need to well prepared your gears and equipments. The golf shoes are the key for you to play better and comfortable golfing. I have been wearing Adidas Adipower 4 Orged for a while with high satisfaction. However, it's hot during the summer with the shoes, that's why I really need to find breathing shoes to make my foot dry.

Nike Roche is the one under my radar and its the golf lineup from Nike with affordable price. The outer layer is the mesh design with cool and comfortable breathability. Of course the sole is its unique traction pattern that allows your maximum swing power to grip on the ground without problem. That's interesting part that I would like to try out to see how its performs and feel.

The shoes weight 244.6g and 244.8g, the total weight is 489.3g. It's very lightweight shoes for golf. I think it should not have the waterproof feature as this weight can not function waterproof since it will need to have a coating for protection that adds the weight to the shoes for sure. I check the Nike weight for this shoes that have no waterproof period.

Of course, during the summer, it needs to be light, comfortable and breathing with my feet. It doesn't need to be waterproof since I would not play if it rains. You can't ask for this price of the shoes to function all kinds of golf features. In short, Nike Roche Golf shoes are focusing on the comfortable, lightweight and breathability.

Another interesting feature that drives my passion is the mapping outsole design. I haven't seen the spikeless sole like Roche and wondered whether or not it's able to grip the fairway solidly. I have the questions mark in my mind for this shoe and I will see what's the truth. I am sure if I wear it on the normal street road with hard ground, the sole is easily to be wearing out. I can only wear it on the golf course.

Nike Roche G golf shoes review!~Part II