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碳纖維桿面真的可以取代金屬材質嗎/Driver face material has big jump?~下集

碳纖維桿面真的可以取代金屬材質嗎/Driver face material has big jump?

碳纖維桿面真的可以取代金屬材質嗎/Driver face material has big jump?~上集






10 yards distance improvement is important milestone for any new driver or the custom driver. The improvement below 10 yards, it can be driver setup issue, swing problem and weather impact. If any driver gives me shorter distance, I am sure to skip the consideration without hesitation.

The driver face is the direct contact with the golf ball, therefore, the material plays critical key to make the ball impact's performances such as the back/side spins, feel, and ball speed. However, stealth driver issue can be worked out through customization by setting appropriate specification, and fitting the right shaft. For that, it's another story!

Taylormade golf club is always leading the discussion for golfers to chase, but the golfers need to know what exact you need in order to verify which features, materials and technology are better fit for my situation? I do believe other competitor's drivers can make the spin ratio lower by using titanium material face. That's why the carbon fiber on the driver face is a big move.

Of course, we need to admit the graphite face advantage which is light, TM moves the weight to the specific spot of the driver head to improve the aerodynamic and initial ball speed. I would say it's the trade off for the new material face. However, it needs to be tested in order to know the true performance with the new face material for average golfers.

The golf season is going to take off, we will see tour players to use this new gear in the tournaments, if they can play well with good result, I think we all can give it a try. Other than that, I would give Taylormade a thumb up since it's always pioneering for the new stuff and technology on its products. It gives the golf industry an impact to move forward.