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揭穿球桿的謊言~距離提升靠球桿/Golf clubs can't give you better distance!~下集

揭穿球桿的謊言~距離提升靠球桿/Golf clubs can't give you better distance!

揭穿球桿的謊言~距離提升靠球桿/Golf clubs can't give you better distance!~上集








It's nothing about how expensive this golf club is or what cutting edge technology or material this golf club is using. It's not the important thing to evaluate the golf club. All you need to do is finding the golf club that is able to allow you swing easy and nice feature then you can ask for more details of the performance such as the trajectory, reducing side spin and better rolling distance.

To have easy to swing is the critical step when you consider the golf club. If this golf club is unable to let you play and swing easily, nothing needs to consider. When you go to the clubfitting, for such feature and requirement the clubfitter should be addressing and provide further features with performance and feel.

The modern sports science has been impacted to the golf industry particularly for professional golfers. We have seen so many pros focusing on the personal workout to increase the body power and body flexibility. Some of the pros are even over 60% of his training time on personal work out for gaining more power and weight.

The whole thing tells us that your body is the fundamental and key to get your distance up instead of looking for most cutting edge golf clubs or new model driver. I can setup a golf club to let you play and perform longer 10 yards than your current golf club without difficulty.

You need to know that the golf club has the limitation on usage. Once you hit certain of times, the performance and consistency are going to be decreased. But your body can be trained and keep working out to maintain the power for long run. That's the thing you need to ask for yourself in golf training.

Since golf swing is complicated, you have to control your power and use the power to handle your golf club then deliver the maximum energy to the golf ball. You can swing 100% of your power to the golf club and the whole thing is to manage your power with the golf club with balancing on the golf swing.

As a result, going to gym or starting your personal body work out as the first task, after couple of months you will see your distance is up for sure instead of checking all kinds of new models of golf clubs. You need to know these are the marketing language and get something good for yourself later on.