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練習球和比賽球的差異/The differentiations of the range balls and tournament balls!~下集

練習球和比賽球的差異/The differentiations of the range balls and tournament balls!

練習球和比賽球的差異/The differentiations of the range balls and tournament balls!~上集

練習球和比賽球的差異/The differentiations of the range balls and tournament balls!~中集







There are recycled or used golf balls in the market, of course, it provides the solutions for golfers to try all kinds of golf balls including luxury balls. However, you do not know what exact the ball situation and inside ball condition are about. As a result, you would not be able to get the true performance of the golf balls from recycle or used balls. That's the thing you need to think about before making the purchase.

Is it able to break the tournament ball? In general it's tough job, unless the ball has quality issue or you are powerful like bear. A tournament ball needs to bear at least 200 times hitting ability. Most of golfers can hit a golf balls within 100 times then the ball needs to be changed or replaced. Why? it's cover has been scratched serious after playing. That's the reason you can't use over hundreds times.

The cover scratches are the main issue for tournament ball to be replaced particularly the irons or wedge shots. Due to the iron head face grooves, it creates the ball spins but also gives the ball surface for certain damages. Of course, you can keep using it but the rolling and flighting would not be stable and consistent.

The conclusions are: tournament ball is to help you boost your performance, it's not saving the money or play for fun. You can go to the driving range to play fun, drills or excise. You do not need to select expensive or most cutting edge golf balls. Evaluating your personal skill and swing consistency is the way to pick the right tournament balls.

Good golf tour balls with multilayer and urethane cover do not mean it's expensive! average golfers need to check various golf balls in order to know which ball types fit your swing and power? The one layer or two layer ball with surlyn cover can be good performance and soft feel as well. Performance ball is not equal to multilayer and urethane cover. That's the wrong message from ball makers!

Let's be realistic! Some of two layer surlyn cover balls are good for average golfers to play and you can enjoy the performance and feel at the same time. More importantly, it's not expensive as well. Trusting yourself instead of company's product campaign is the key for ball selection.