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要讓動作可以提升,先從分析和學習別人開始/How to analyze your golf swing through learning other people’s swings?~下集

要讓動作可以提升,先從分析和學習別人開始/How to analyze your golf swing through learning other people’s swings?

要讓動作可以提升,先從分析和學習別人開始/How to analyze your golf swing through learning other people’s swings?~上集








Why do we need to shoot the swing video? That's the way to present the true of your swing. Most golfers think my swing is good, but when you watch your swing, you are shocked what I have been doing! That's why I used to take my swing video every 6 months and check what I have done for the golf swing with personal evaluation.

If you want to go advanced with golf swing, you need to take your swing video and compare with other golfers and pros. With swing video comparison, you are able to see the differentiation and issues with slow motion or pictures. There are many Apps that have such feature to allow golfers to compare your swing video with others. With the App, you can become the expertise or analyst.

Knowing your pros and cons is key to go further, but what's next? How to work it out with your swing problems? That's the thing you need to focus and find the solution to get better. Thus the solution is the approach for you to develop. With my experience, I have been trying many ways to find the truth and it makes me solid and expert on golf swing as I know what could be wrong and I have gone through most of problems.

As a result, you can try by your own and you gain the solid solution that no one can not take it out from you. Some golfers will find the swing coach or friends who are good on golf swing to help me find the solution. It's like short cut and you can get things done quick but not as solid as building by your own. With that, you are easily to get problems and you do not know how to work it out by your own. Since it's other people's experience or know how.

I would suggest golfers to try various swing solutions and approaches by yourself as you will get lots of funs and challenges. That's the best part of golf, to find the answer. It takes time but when you talk with others, you will find they may have similar experiences like you. You are not alone for this path! We all have gone through it.